I have had the pleasure of having Jon Grasse work with my wife and I when we were pursuing the purchase of a house. We found Jon to be very professional, knowledgeable, and thorough about real estate. If he didn’t know the answer to any of our questions, Jon would find that answer, instead of fabricating something that may or may not be true. However, his best quality was his easy-going, yet focused approach towards satisfying our goals. He never once put any unwanted pressure on us to make a premature or uninformed decision. Jon was an excellent member of “our team” Should the occasion come around when a member of my family or a friend is in the market to purchase a home, I would highly recommend that they make Jon Grasse a member of their team. They will not be disappointed.

Paul S.

I have known Jon and had the pleasure of working with Jon on purchasing rental properties for the last 8 years now and have nothing but positive things to say. Jon and I met at an open house and ever since our initial meeting I knew I could trust Jon to always do what was in our best interests. There is no doubt in my mind that will be able to always trust him to do the very best for everyone. What I have seen from Jon is patience, intelligence, and kindness to everyone he meets.

Tina Y.

As a coach for both agile system development and youth sports. I knew when Jon Grasse’ was a problem solver. I had watched him create opportunities for corporations throughout his career. I have known Jon for over 20 years as an upper-level manager and when he decided to pursue real estate, I knew exactly who to call. Jon Grasse’ had guided my family through buying and selling 5 properties over the years. He has the patience, wherewithal and personal commitment required to be an effective negotiator and as an educator during the process.  As a colleague and mentor in a high visibility biotechnology firm he showed me the value of ethical business acumen and exhibited the strong moral compass required to navigate uncharted waters that are frequently encountered in modern technological contexts. Jon provides sage advice and support in both adverse and festive conditions. As a former signatory and current principal technologist at a fortune 50 aerospace and defense firm the explicit and tacit knowledge Jon has given me is a key to my continuing success in career and life. I highly recommend Jon Grasse’ to anyone interested in utilizing his services in Real Estate.

Sean M.

I am writing this in support of Jon Grasse’. Jon and I have known each other for over 10 years. We first worked together when we were both board members with the Arizona chapter of NFL Alumni Players Association. Although neither of us played in the NFL, we both dedicated our time and expertise. Jon was a significant contributor. He worked hard on all projects assigned to him with great success. He always sought more opportunities to help. Jon can be relied on to do what he says he will do. He never was, nor ever will be a slacker. He is a leader, and you will be well served to working with Jon. I highly recommend him to anyone, anytime.

Thom C.

I am delighted to highly recommend Jon Grasse.  I have known Jon for over (approx.)12 years now. He is a highly intelligent, dedicated, hardworking honest person. This in combination with a goal driven individual he is remarkably successful in his accomplishments.  He can set his and his team challenges but also meet your goals in real estate. Many individuals let their subordinates lose to
‘get ‘er done’ but Jon’s strengths are to size up the abilities of those around him to work and guide each buyer and seller on the process and how to be to be successful. He possesses many teaching skills to draw from. It allows flexibility pending the situation of each individual situation.  He has a successful positive attitude working with people and knows how to keep people’s attention. I
commend him on all these skills and attributes. Jon loves sports as well and uses his past athletic experiences to understand people’s needs and what it takes to create a winning outcome. Jon Grasse’ has the knowledge, the attitude, drive, ability, and skills to assist buyers and sellers navigate the challenges of Real Estate. You will always be able to count on him and be proud of your decision to have Jon Grasse’ represent you!

Tom R.

I am writing this letter to comment on the talent and superb work that Jon Grass’ our real estate agent, did on behalf of selling my parents’ home this past year. Jon was keenly aware of the attention, sensitivity and focus diligence that selling this property would require to meet the goals of other real estate beneficiaries. The focus of this sales endeavor was to sell the property not only in a timely manner but to achieve a sales price that the beneficiaries would be happy with in the long run. Jon was clearly the best salesperson for this job he advised me on various preparations needed to get the property ready. He managed to lead me to the right personnel who would handle not only the cosmetic refresh of the home but more importantly made sure that this property would pass stringent home inspection requirements. He was also readily available to answer my questions as well as those buyers and their agents. His insightful sales nature also benefited his
talents at promoting the property IE utilizing video, social media, and open houses. I know John was the right sales agent for selling my parents’ home. He is neither hype nor hyperbole. What I anticipated as a challenging home sales situation turned out to be an overall positive experience. Selling a home, especially your parents’ home, can be a complex experience, fortunately I had someone like Jon Grasse’. He is friendly, disciplined, enthusiastic, motivated- he is the best! He has my highest regard and strongest recommendation.

Anthony C.

During this past year my wife and I decided to buy a home together and being that we were getting married at the end of the year, this decision could have been a huge obstacle. But we had the pleasure of working with Jon Grasse’ and could not have been better in better hands. He had such a passion for our search and dedication to our end goal that we would, without a question, ask him to help us again kind regards

Mike & Kristi S.

On a scale from one to 10, my realtor Jon Grasse’ gets an 11. My wife and I met Jon at an open house. Jon Grasse ‘was clearly knowledgeable about the local market and the overall real estate business. He set up an appointment and met with us. At the time of the meeting, Jon’s excellence was apparent in every step of the buying process, his professionalism and knowledge were solid and consistent. As first-time home buyers, we really couldn’t be happier that we found this fantastic realtor. Jon Grasse’ consistently exceeded our expectations in many ways but excelled at the following:

  1. Expertise – we all know that the quickest way to know a person’s level of knowledge is by asking tons of questions I didn’t do it on purpose. It’s just what first home buyers do. I couldn’t recall the specific questions that I asked Jon but was very impressed every time I received his response.
  2. Timely communication – like most realtors, Jon’s reputation meant his services were in high demand. I was amazed he was able to respond to my emails and phone calls in a very timely manner.
  3. Care – This is where I really think Jon went above and beyond. My wife and I
    did not just hire a realtor, we made a friend. Jon took a genuine interest in
    what we wanted and found the perfect house on the first day. It felt like a
    friend we had known for years was showing us our dream home, all
    because he took the time to find out exactly what we wanted and delivered
    it. We would highly recommend Jon to any prospective home buyer.


Luke & Lori R.

I have known Mr. Grasse’ for eight years. I first met Mr. Grasse as “Coach Jon” when he was my son’s baseball coach in Little League. As a coach he taught good sportsmanship and excellent baseball skills to the group of young players, he was always respectful, the athletes’ abilities grew immensely throughout that season. Coach Jon was able to bring humor and engaging stories into his coaching. The kids bonded and worked hard together to play well and enjoy a successful
season. In his professional career, Jon has had much success. His experience ranges from
Biotech, Healthcare, and real estate. When it was time to sell and buy a home, I knew who to call…Jon Grasse’. He is well-rounded and able to relate to diverse viewpoints. His ability to share ideas and listen to others is an admirable trait. Mr. Grasse’ has a plethora of experience which would make him the perfect agent to anyone interested in buying or selling real estate. Lastly in addition to his intellect and skills, Mr. Grasse’ is an honorable and respectful role model. Adults and
athletes alike are drawn to Mr. Grasse’ because he cares and takes an interest in the direction of every person he meets. I believe individuals would benefit from hiring Mr. Grasse’ due to his superior work ethic, intellect, creativity, and his positive example.

Beth P.



“Jon and his team always get the job taken care of.”

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